Sunpela Sima

Every room in the property has a stunning close-up ocean view, and an east exposure to appreciate morning sunrise from the balconies. This is a resort hotel with a spacious lobby and hallways in addition to rooms larger than 50 ㎡, but room rates are nevertheless relatively reasonable.
The hotel offers a range of rooms including Western-style rooms, Japanese-style rooms, fusion Japanese-Western rooms, and one disabled access room.
A free shuttle bus service is available from the Kintetsu Shima Isobe Station by reservation.
(Published on: January 8, 2016)


Phone +81 599 57 2130 Fax +81 599 57 2131
Address 314 Matoya, Isobe-cho, Sima-City, Mie-Pref, 517-0204
Official website 
Check-in 15:00 ~ 18:00 Check-out ~ 10:00
Room & Service ●Japanese style rooms with "Tatami"
●Outdoor bath "Roten" (for common use)
●Natural hotspring "Onsen" (for common use)
●Japanese style roomwear "Yukata" rental service
●Rooms with ocean view
Every room has no steps at the entrance or toilet, so it is easy to stay even for people with disabilities.
Transportation By Train:
Approx. 15 minute drive (10km) from Shima-Isobe Station (Kintetsu line)

By Car:
Take the Ise Expressway to the Isenishi Interchange (IC). The hotel is about 40 minutes (28km) along Ise Road from there

Pickup Service:
There is a shuttle bus from Shima-Isobe Station (Kintetsu line)
*requires prior reservation
Accessibility information No stairs to reach the room Yes
Room with wheelchair-accessible bathroom Yes
Western style rooms (or rooms with bed) Yes
Wheelchair-accessible bathroom
(for common use)
Private hotspring or Japanese style bath No
Staffs speak foreign language Not available
Website for foreign language Not available
Accepts credit cards Visa , JCB , Diners Club
Currency exchange Not available

Parkings <Available>

Parkings Available/Not available Available( 36 cars)
Handycap parking space Available( 1 cars)

Parking space

Handycap parking space


Remove your shoes at entrance No


Front desk

Rental & Service

Wheelchair rental Available
Courtesy bus / car to train stations Available
Internet access Wifi Available
Free Wifi / Charged Available
Wifi in guest room Not available
Ethernet cable in guest room Not available
Internet lounge Not available

Wheelchair rental

Elevator <Available>

Elevator [1] The door opening width 90cm
The internal elevator dimensions Width:135 cm Depth:140 cm

Bath <Available>

Bath [1] Name of the public bath SHIOMISAKI NO YU
Classifications Heated tap water
Shower chair Not available
Wheelchair for bathing Not available
Wheelchair -accessibility for the public bath Accessible
Outdoor bath Available
Wheelchair -accessibility for the outdoor bath Accessible

Private bath <Not available>

Other informations Accessible bathrooms and toilets are can be use who are staying any other rooms.


Rooms [1] Location of the guest room 2nd floor / 206 (Barrier-free room )
Rooms Accessible room
Size of the room  ( 74 ㎡)
Capacity of the room 3
Offers No meals Not available
Bed & breakfast Available / 1 room for 2 people
Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Available / 1 room for 2 people
Meals Dinner Restaurant
Breakfast Buffet
Smoking polic


Room entrance door Opening width:80 cm
Remove your shoes at room entrance No
Wheelchair-accessibility Accessible 
Beds Size of the bed 1 Width:120 cm Height:45 cm
Size of the bed 2 Width:120 cm Height:45 cm
Washroom Wheelchair accessibility Difficult
Bathroom Bathroom door Opening width:90 cm
The internal bathtub dimensions Width:102 cm
Shower chair Available
Wheelchair for bathing Not available
Room lavatory accessible with wheelchair
Lavatory door Opening width( 94 cm )Bumps( 0 cm )
Dimensions of the lavatory ( 207 cm ) × ( 192 cm ) toward toilet
Grab bars ● Right side toward toilet:
● Left side toward toilet:
Toilet with integral wash facility Not available
Ostomate facility Not available

The 206 accessible room and the 207 barrier-free bath / lavatory are connected inside the room.

206 Accessible room

206 Accessible room

207 barrier-free bath / lavatory

207 barrier-free bath / lavatory

207 barrier-free bath / lavatory

Wheelchair lavatory in the Hotel <Available>

Wheelchair lavatory [1] Location of the lavatory 1st floor
Lavatory door Opening width( 80 cm )
Dimensions of the lavatory ( 285 cm ) × ( 125 cm ) toward toilet
Grab bars ● Right side toward toilet:
● Left side toward toilet:
Ostomate facility Not available
Multipurpose bed Not available
Instruction booklet in foreign language Not available

1F Wheelchair lavatory entrance 

1F Wheelchair lavatory

B1F Wheelchair lavatory

Meal <Available>

All guests(B1F Restaurant "KAIRO")
Menu with pictures Available
Menu in foreign languages Not available
Special meal Not available
Vegetarian meal Not available
Halal foods Not available

Restaurant "KAIRO"

Restaurant "KAIRO"

Restaurant "KAIRO"

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