This campsite with a beautiful waterfall 30m high and 12m wide in just front of you.
Wheelchair access is easily accessible near the waterfall.
There are 8 tent sites, 8 cottages, shops, a kitchen and a promenade to enjoy nature.
All eight cottages built in April 2018 are available to people with disabilities. All rooms are Japanese-style with kitchen, toilet, bath, and a washroom, and you can order iBBQ ingredients, so you can enjoy camping empty‐handed.
(Published on May 24, 2021)


Phone +81 735 21 1333 Fax
Address 1409-1, Asari, Kiho-cho Minamimuro-gun, Mie, 519-5718, Japan
Official website
Check-in 14:00 ~ Check-out 11:00 ~
Room & Service ●Japanese style rooms with "Tatami"

The staff has a speech translator, so you can speak any
Transportation By car
【From Nagoya】About 50 minutes (about 35 km) from Route 42 to Shingu area from Kumano Oo Road Kumano Odori IC
【From Osaka】About 1 hour and 40 minutes (about 80 km) from National highway No. 42 from Kisumi Expressway Minami to the Shingu area

By train
30 minutes by taxi from JR Shingu Station
Accessibility information No stairs to reach the room Yes
Room with wheelchair-accessible bathroom Yes
Western style rooms (or rooms with bed) No
Wheelchair-accessible bathroom
(for common use)
Private hotspring or Japanese style bath No
Staffs speak foreign language Not available
Website for foreign language Available
Languages available for website English
Accepts credit cards No
Currency exchange Not available

Office building


Office front desk


Dining space

Outdoor cooking area

Outdoor dining

Boardwalk to the waterfall

Hisetu falls


Tent sauna

Parkings <Available>

Parkings Available/Not available Available( 30 cars)
Handycap parking space Available( 2 cars)

Parking in front of the office

Parking for the disabled

Camp site parking lot


Remove your shoes at entrance Yes

Rental & Service

Wheelchair rental Available
Courtesy bus / car to train stations Not available
Internet access Wifi Available
Free Wifi / Charged Available
Wifi in guest room Available
Ethernet cable in guest room Not available
Internet lounge Not available

Rental wheelchair

Rental bike

Rental camping outfits

Beach chair

Elevator <Not available>

Bath <Available>

Bath [1] Name of the public bath In the Office Building
Classifications Heated tap water
Shower chair Not available
Wheelchair for bathing Not available
Wheelchair -accessibility for the public bath Accessible
Outdoor bath Not available
Other informations This bath can only be used by people staying in the training room located in the office building, but should be consulted regarding the use of people with disabilities.

dressing room

Bathroom entrance


Shower room entrance

Shower room

Private bath <Not available>


Rooms [1] Location of the guest room  (Cottage 1 )
Rooms Japanese style "Tatami" room
Size of the room ( 6 tatami room )
Capacity of the room 6
Offers No meals Available
Bed & breakfast Not available
Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Not available
Meals Dinner None
Breakfast None
Smoking polic


Room entrance door Opening width:83 cm
Remove your shoes at room entrance Yes
Wheelchair-accessibility Accessible 
Washroom Washroom door Opening width:87 cm
Wheelchair accessibility Accessible
Bathroom Bathroom door Opening width:65 cm
The internal bathtub dimensions Width:123 cm
Shower chair Not available
Wheelchair for bathing Not available
Room lavatory accessible with wheelchair
Lavatory door Opening width( 70 cm )Bumps( 0 cm )
Dimensions of the lavatory ( 155 cm ) × ( 132 cm ) toward toilet
Toilet with integral wash facility Available
Ostomate facility Not available
Instruction booklet in foreign language Not available


Cottage entrance



Barth room


Cottage room

Cottage loft

Cottage backyard

Room layout

Wheelchair lavatory in the Hotel <Available>

Wheelchair lavatory [1] Location of the lavatory 1 floor / in the office building
Lavatory door Opening width( 91 cm )Bumps( 0 cm )
Dimensions of the lavatory ( 200 cm ) × ( 228 cm ) toward toilet
Grab bars ● Right side toward toilet:
● Left side toward toilet:
Ostomate facility Not available
Multipurpose bed Not available
Instruction booklet in foreign language Not available

Meal <Not available>

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