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Kumano Kodo (Matsumoto-Toge)

Kumano Kodo (Matsumoto-Toge)

“Ancient trails of purification.”
A sacred trail blessed with an abundance of scenic beauty ―Kumano Kodo is designated as UNESCO World Heritage as part of the “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”. The pilgrimage trails stretches across Mie, Nara, and Wakayama prefecture connecting three sacred sites in Kii Peninsula and the ancient capital cities. The sacred sites, the connecting pilgrimage trails, and surrounding forests form a cultural landscape that reflect the fusion of Shintoism, rooted in the ancient tradition of nature worship in Japan. Matsumoto-Toge is a short walking course of 5km (approx. 2 hours walk) connecting Kumano-City and Hananoiwaya Shrine. It is recommended for strong hiker with visual impairment since the course is wide enough for two people walking side-by-side.


Phone +81 597 89 6172 Fax +81 597 89 6184
Address 371 Ido-Cho, Kumano-City, Mie-Pref, 519-4324
Official website
Transportation By Train:
Approx. 10 minute drive (5km) from Kumano Station (JR line) or,
Just next to Ōdomari Station (JR line)

By Car:
From the Kisei Expressway, take the Miyama Interchange (IC) and continue about 50 minutes (35km)
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