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Choshi River Camp inn Miyama Activity

There is an auto camp site "Camp Inn Miyama" along the Cyoshi river,
They are renting a Canadian canoe.
The instructor will tell, so even a beginner can experience it.
It is available even if you are not a guest at a campsite.
Water in the river is transparent, you can observe living things with boxes glasses.
The canoe station is maintained by a slope, and it can be used even by a wheelchair person.
A special wheelchair that can enter the water is prepared, and people who can not walk easily enjoy in the river.
(Last updated on this page: May 2018)


Phone +81 597 33 0077 Fax +81 597 32 3800
Address 271, Miyamaku Binnoyama, Kihoku-cho Kitamuro-gun, Mie, 519-3408, Japan
Official website
Opening hours 10:00 ~ 16:00
Notes 1 Canadian Canoe (parents and child, or 3 adult)
1 hour (insurance premium · life jacket · paddle · aquascope included) / 2,000 yen

Day trip use
Canoe rental fee + usage fee per person One day trip fee (500 yen for adults and 250 yen for child)
Vehicle fee (500 yen for 1 car) is required.
Staffs speak foreign language Not available
Website for foreign language Not available
Credit cards acceptance No
Internet access Wifi Available
Free Wifi / Charged Free

Parkings <Available>

Parkings Available/Not available Available



Wheelchair lavatory <Available>

Wheelchair lavatory [1] Lavatory door Opening width( 76 cm )
Dimensions of the lavatory ( 200 cm ) × ( 284 cm ) toward toilet
Grab bars ● Right side toward toilet:
● Left side toward toilet:
Ostomate facility Not available
Multipurpose bed Not available
Instruction booklet in foreign language Not available

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