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Museum of Motoori Norinaga ・Related Historic Sites Su-zu-no-ya

Museum of Motoori Norinaga ・Related Historic Sites  Su-zu-no-ya

Motoori Norinaga, a medical doctor and a Japanese classical scholar, born in Matsusaka in the Edo period.In this museum is released his handwritten manuscripts, relics and self-portraits.
On the first floor of the museum, you can learn a lot of things about his achievements.
On the touch panel you can see the magnified exhibits and materials and there are braille materials for the visually impaired on the fiast floor.
And also you can easy to go up the exhibition room on the second floor with the elevator which installed in 2017.
Motori's residence (the country special historic site) is next to the museum, but there is a step in the entrance, so it is difficult to enter by wheelchair, but you can see his favorite study called "Su-zu-no-ya" on second floor from outside.
(Published on January 5, 2019)


Phone +81 598 21 0312 Fax +81 598 21 0371
Address 1536-7 Tonomachi, Matsusaka City, Mie 515-0073
Official website
Opening hours 9:00 ~ 16:30
Closed Mondays (or Tuesdays if a national holiday falls Monday), Dec. 29 – Jan. 3
Admission fee Adults (Adult : 400 yen): 400 yen
High school student 200 yen
Junior high school student 200 yen
Elementary school student 200 yen
Others (College Student : 300 yen): 300 yen
Transportation By train
15-minute walk from the JR or Kintetsu Matsusaka Station.
By bus
5-minute walk from the Matsusaka City Hall bus stop.
By car
10 minutes from the Matsusaka Interchange.
Parking free for charge (20spaces available).
Wheelchair rental Not available
Baby stroller rentals Not available
Nursing room Not available
Guide sign English
Staffs speak foreign language Not available
Website for foreign language Available
Languages available for website English
Internet access Wifi
Free Wifi / Charged

Parkings <Available>

Parkings Available/Not available Available( 15 cars)
Handycap parking space Not available

Building <Available>

Building [1] Name of the tourist facility Museum of Motoori Norinaga
Entrance 1 The door opening width 133 cm
Step Flat
Building [2] Name of the tourist facility Susunoya
Entrance 1 The door opening width 100 cm
Step Bumps/Steps
Ramp Not available


Elevator [1] Location of the elevator Museum of Motoori Norinaga
The door opening width 80cm
The internal elevator dimensions Width:94 cm Depth:109 cm

Wheelchair lavatory <Available>

Wheelchair lavatory [1] Location of the lavatory 1st, Museum of Motoori Norinaga
Lavatory door Opening width( 90 cm )Bumps( 0 cm )
Dimensions of the lavatory ( 181 cm ) × ( 185 cm ) toward toilet
Grab bars ● Right side toward toilet:
● Left side toward toilet:
Ostomate facility Not available
Multipurpose bed Not available
Instruction booklet in foreign language Not available

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