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“Seafood BBQ.”
There is nothing better than fresh seafood when you want something special in Iseshima. Ama divers are the female diver who stake their livelihood on fishing deep under water without a breathing apparatus. Hachimankamado is the shed Ama use for a break, serve grilled seafood prepared by an Ama.
While savoring the fresh taste of the sea and the scent of the surf, you can listen to their accounts of the work and the history of ama diving. By joining in an Osatsu Oondo folk dance or by trying on the traditional white garb the ama dive in, you can also personally experience some of ama culture.
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Phone +81 599 33 1032 Fax +81 599 33 1022
Address 819, Osatsucho, Toba Shi, Mie Ken, 517-0032, Japan
Official website
Opening hours 10:00 ~ 16:30
Closed Not fixed
Admission fee Adults ( Lunch Standard set (1 hour 15 minutes)): @3500JPY+ tax. Various others yen
Elementary school student 2,000 yen
Small children (Ages 3 to 12): 2,000 yen
Transportation Take Kintetsu Limited Express from Nagoya Station to Toba Station (1h30min)
Free shuttle bus runs from Toba Station (11:15am, 12:45am, and 2:15pm) *Reservation required
*Shuttle bus can be used in a wheelchair.
Wheelchair rental Available
Notes ・1 Wheelchair
・JINRIKI/Towed wheelchair assist device
Baby stroller rentals Not available
Nursing room Not available
Guide sign English
Staffs speak foreign language Available
Languages available English , Others(French)
Website for foreign language Available
Languages available for website English
Credit cards acceptance Visa , Mastercard , JCB , American Express , Diners Club , 中国銀聯
Internet access Wifi Available
Free Wifi / Charged Free

Table for wheelchair users

Divers explain about diving and their life.

Osatsu Ondo (traditional Japanese folk dance)

Diver costume experience

Rental wheelchair and JINRIKI (towed wheelchair auxiliary device)

Parkings <Available>

Parkings Available/Not available Available
Handycap parking space Available( 2 cars)

Parking lot

Accessible parking space

Free Shuttle bus “AMA BUS”

Equipped with a wheelchair accessible lift.

Building <Available>

Building [1] Name of the tourist facility Ama hut
Entrance 1 Step Flat

Ama hut

Entrance to Ama hut

Outdoor terraces


Wheelchair lavatory <Available>

Wheelchair lavatory [1] Location of the lavatory The back of the Ama hut
Lavatory door Opening width( 76 cm )Bumps( 0 cm )
Dimensions of the lavatory ( 250 cm ) × ( 150 cm ) toward toilet
Grab bars ● Right side toward toilet:
● Left side toward toilet:
Ostomate facility Not available
Multipurpose bed Not available

Entrance to Wheelchair-accessible restroom

Wheelchair-accessible restroom

Wheelchair-accessible washbasin

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