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Stone Hunter Ise-Shima

This facility was established in 2022, just a minute's walk from JR / JR/Kintetsu Toba Stations.
Gemstone Mining," which searches for gems in the sand, is fun for children and adults alike.
There are two types of mining experiences: "Adventure Mine" and "Rocky River," a "Stone Workshop" where you can make accessories from the gems you find, and "Geode Cracking" which allows you to experience the mysteries of the earth!
The Dinosaur Mini Museum also exhibits a dinosaur diorama based on the image of the "Toba Dinosaur" excavated in Toba, as well as skeletal specimens.
There are four steps in front of the deck at the workshop site. There is no ramp, but staff will assist you if you need to go up in a wheelchair.
(Published August 2023)


Phone +81 599 37 7298 Fax
Address 1-308-1, Toba, Toba Shi, Mie Ken, 517-0011, Japan
Official website
Opening hours 10:00 ~ 16:30
Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays *Except peak season
Admission fee Others Various experiences starting at 800 yen
Transportation 1 minute walk from JR Toba Station side
Located right next to Toba Station West Multi-Story Parking Lot
Wheelchair rental Not available
Baby stroller rentals Not available
Nursing room Not available
Staffs speak foreign language Available
Languages available English
Website for foreign language Not available
Credit cards acceptance No
Internet access Wifi Not available
Free Wifi / Charged

T rex robot at the entrance

Entrance to mining experience at the mine①

Entrance to mining experience at the mine②

Indoor view of the mining experience①

Indoor view of the mining experience②

Mined in the river. 2 different heights available.

Parkings <Available>

Parkings Available/Not available Available( 10 cars)
Handycap parking space Not available

Parking lot

If the parking lot is full, use a private multi-story parking lot next door. Discounted parking fee for one hour.

Building <Available>

Building [1] Name of the tourist facility Workshop Experience Deck
Entrance 1 The door opening width - cm
Step Bumps/Steps
Ramp Not available

Entrance to deck

Staff assistance is available on stairs.

Experience Area

Entrance to Reception & Shop

Inside Reception & Shop

Passage to Dinosaur Mini Museum

Entrance to Dinosaur Mini Museum

Indoor of Dinosaur Mini Museum


Wheelchair lavatory <Not available>

Wheelchair lavatory [1] Location of the lavatory Portable toilets are available at the rear of the facility
Lavatory door Opening width( 61 cm )Bumps( 16+19 cm )
Dimensions of the lavatory ( 101 cm ) × ( 79 cm ) toward toilet
Grab bars ● Right side toward toilet:
Not available
● Left side toward toilet:
Not available
Ostomate facility Not available
Multipurpose bed Not available
Instruction booklet in foreign language Not available
Other informations The nearest wheelchair-accessible restroom is located 500m south in the public restroom in Toba Marine Park.

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